You Could Save 30%-40% on Your Kitchen Remodel by Refacing Your Currnet Cabinets

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Potentially Reduce Costs by $1,000’s on your new kitchen project

Among the greatest and most important factors of cabinet refacing that people love is the amount of cash you’ll be able to save on a traditional kitchen or bathroom remodel. By keeping structure, which is generally better built than new material and your present frames, you can reduce your out-of-pocket costs. Depending on which options you decide, that could reduce the total price of your kitchen remodel by up to 30% – 40%, which could literally be a huge number of dollars right now.

Prevent Unforeseen Damage to Your Property

Bring in a lot of large cabinet frameworks into your home, your potential for damage to the remainder of your home and property skyrockets, when you’re. From entry ways and doors, to the floors, and even outside landscaping. You could possibly prevent a ton of additional damage, which might cause you as well as your home’s worth thousands by refinishing your present doors and fixtures.

Reduce and Re-Use

Why totally waste great stuff that have been standing the test of time for decades? Odds are, the older materials that are currently in your kitchen are of higher quality than a number of the newer and more affordable options at Home Depot. By reusing these components that are structurally excellent, but simply need a bit of a facelift, you’re doing amazing things for your environment, your checkbook along with your home.

Is it true that your kitchen remind you every time of the excellent individuals who sold it to you who obviously liked a color scheme that is very different than you do?

Does your kitchen need an appearance that is practical than a laminate that did the job but does not feel soothing or natural?

Would you capture the D.I.Y. bug to renovate your kitchen, only to find out half way through that you’re in over your head?

We can help you brighten your aging space and reface your kitchen cabinets to enhance your living space and enable you to feel like the kitchen reflects the nature you want it to, so you don’t have to settle for less in your Carson City residence.

Bringing your kitchen up to present standards can add value to the resale value of your Carson City home.

Realtors and architects alike agree. If you’re going to decide which renovations ever and you are going to do intend on reselling your house, then it is a safe bet to focus on the kitchen. Potential buyers get turned off, when kitchens are not up to current standards.

According to Remodeling Magazine’s Remodeling 2015 Price vs. Value Report, a minor kitchen remodel can bring a 79.3% return on investment.

Staying up on present kitchen trends can make your house more popular while you upgrade it for yourself to make it feel like home. Naturally, it is a terrific motivator also to increase your Carson City home’s value. Realtors and remodelers say that a kitchen endeavor will recoup around 70% of the remodeling cost back to the value of the home based on industry averages that are national.

Naturally, in addition they stress that you just shouldn’t decide on a layout that’s totally incongruous with the remainder of the architectural style of the house that it doesn’t detract.

So, what is there to lose? You truly gain, both emotionally and if you ever intend to sell your Nevada residence.

Quit procrastinating when it comes to fitting your reality to your expectations.

You spend a lot of time there and if it doesn’t match your style, you may find every excuse to stay out of there. When you determine a set budget, then ensure you are in possession of a clear vision.

  • Do some homework.
  • Consider colors.
  • Consider kinds of wood.

Refacing is possible in your house if you have structurally sound cabinet boxes and they are in good condition. If you’ve waited too long and now have a kitchen that suffers from water damage, you may discover that refacing is not the proper solution for you.

By having us reface your cabinets, we’ll correctly measure all your cabinets and determine the correct levels of hardware and materials. After we have gotten all the materials that match the approved design plans we’ll prepare the surfaces and outsides.

Should you would like to make sure that your cabinets hold up well through the years, then give our Carson City staff a call and we’ll be pleased to get you began on your own cupboard refacing.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Cabinet Refacing

What is cabinet refacing?

Cabinet refacing is the procedure of choosing existing cabinetry frameworks, components and structures, and refinishing the outside appearance with a brand new wood finish, paint, handles and hardware, so everything appears brand new. It’s an effective way to get the new kitchen look without the new kitchen price tag. While it can be done yourself, we highly recommend leaving it to a professional who does it day-in and day out, and can save you a whole lot of cash.

How much exactly does refinishing cost?

Cupboard refinishing costs a fraction of the price of purchasing new parts and frames. Typically, you can expect to pay around 60% – 70% less compared to the cost of buying new components, which can decrease the overall cost of your kitchen or bathroom remodel by 30% – 40%, depending on which options you choose. This may mean saving $1,000’s in the long run. The actual expense of your project will depend on depth and the size of your project, however you can estimate the cost at anywhere from $1,000 – $2,500 overall.

Who does cabinet refacing?

Lucky for you, we do! We're proud to provide our refinishing services to all of Carson City and other cities throughout Nevada. Want an exact quote from one of our local installers? Only give us a call today!

How can I reface my cabinets?

You can reface the cabinets yourself by doing extensive research into the proper ways to remove and manage the old elements, the different material refinishing styles and methods to use on making the parts look new again, and going shopping for all the proper safety and application equipment. But in case you would like to avoid this huge time plus effort hassle, you can just give our business a call to learn more having our team of Carson City professionals manage the job for you, for a fraction of the time required.

Can metal cabinets be refaced?

Yes! Alloy cabinets have the ability to be refaced, and we can work with on you what new look / stuff you would like to have most.

Can I just have it done at Home Depot?

Some Home Depots can handle cabinet refinishing, but for the large part, they're focused on their residential and commercial sales, and not doing jobs for individual homeowners. Also, Home Depot often times will be much more pricey than hiring another contractor to do the work, since they have a sizable corporate firm to support, with substantial stores and facilities to pay for.

How long do refinished cabinets last?

If they are done good, refinished cabinets last as long or longer than new cupboards. Their lifespan all comes down to the ability and professionalism of the firm doing the work. So you could expect you refinished cabinets to last decades and decades, appearing wonderful the entire time.

Can Thermofoil cabinets be refaced?

Yes! We can and have worked with thermofoil cabinets before, and will not be unable to make them look fantastic and new again.

Can you come out to my Carson City house?

Absolutely we can! Our skilled and highly trained Carson City technicians function out of vehicles that are fully outfitted, so everything can be done at your house or office. This implies you don't have to transport all of the gear, pick up supplies, or anything else. We'll come out to you!

Are you located right in the Carson City area?

Yes! We've installers found right in Carson City, that are able to service all the surrounding areas around Nevada as well. We are proud to call Carson City our home and work place, and certainly will go the additional mile to make our neighbors happy!

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